Water falling from a home's rain gutter in Connecticut. Well-maintained gutters are a necessity for any homeowner, especially in Connecticut. Autumn brings rich, vibrant color to Connecticut's New England landscape, but not without a price. The changing of the leaves is followed by their falling, which results in clogged rain gutters that need to be cleared and maintained before winter. 

Gutter cleaning is a difficult, dangerous task. Spare yourself the trouble by using the gutter cleaning services offered by White & Katzman Property Services. Our expereinced crew will clear your gutters of leaves, evergreen needles, and other debris quickly and professionally. And if your gutter system needs more than just a routine cleaning, don't worry - WKPS also offers repair service that can delay the need for a costly gutter replacement or worse. 

If you need gutter cleaning or repairs for your Connecticut home, make an appointment with the team at White & Katman Property Services today by calling (860) 610-0160, or keep reading to learn more. 

Why White & Katzman Property Services? 

When gutters are working their best, they carry rainwater away from your home to drain harmlessly back into the ground. Without regular cleaning and maintenance, your gutters will become clogged or leak, preventing proper flow. Water can enter your home's foundation, leading to costly damage. In winter, water from melting snow can accumulate and freeze, leading to ice dams or water damage to siding or even interior walls. 

When you need your gutters cleaned or repaired, WKPS brings years of experience along with a dedication to providing the best quality work at the highest level of quality. We make sure your gutters are working their best, bringing you and your family security and peace of mind. 

Gutter Cleanings

You might think of cleaning your gutters as a simple househole chore, but the reality is that it demands the same professional expertise and care as many other jobs. Cleaning your gutters requires dangerous ladder work, and without a trained eye you could miss clogs or other damage that require attention.

Hiring professional gutter cleaners like the ones at WKPS means reducing the risk of accidental falls, and means that you'll be confident in knowing that your gutters are as clean as possible. That means more than getting rid of leaves and needles, but also standing water, sludge, the leavings of animals, insects, and other pests, and more.   

Gutter Repair

If your gutters are old or have been clogged before, there's a good chance that they've sustained some damage. If this is the case, WKPS can make sure that necessary repairs are made, including the following: 

  • Patching holes
  • Fixing leaking joints
  • Repairing angle and pitch in sagging gutters
  • Repair of damage caused by falling tree limbs or other heavy debris
  • Replacing missing screws or spikes
  • And more

Neglecting gutter repairs like these can mean dealing with costly home repairs resulting from water damage down the road. Give your gutters the care they deserve with reapir service from WKPS. 

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