A tree fallen on a car and home.

Home Damaged In a Storm or Natural Disaster? Let Us Simplify Your Life.

Compared to some parts of the country, Connecticut gets off easy when it comes to storms and natural disasters. But while we don't usually have to contend with tornadoes, earthquakes, or wildfires, that doesn't mean we're completely off the hook.

Hurricanes, nor'easters, and other severe storms are common in Connecticut, and they can all cause significant damage to homes and other residential property.

If you're home has been damaged in a storm or natural disaster, you need a contractor with the versatility and reliability of White & Katzman Property Services. Whether you need fallen trees or other junk to be removed, roof repairs, gutter repairs, flood damage restoration, insurance restoration, or anything in between, WKPS can help.

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Storm Damage Cleanup Services

Flood Damage Restoration

When heavy rains fall, as with hurricanes and other severe storms, flooding is common. When floodwaters get into your home, it can be a huge problem. Flooring, drywall, and more can all be damaged beyond repair, necessitating repairs or replacements. No need to call multiple contractors though; WKPS can handle it all.

Window and Roof Repairs and Replacements

Heavy winds, falling trees, and other hazards make severe storms particularly dangerous for windows and shingle roofing. If you've got broken windows, missing shingles, or something more urgent that needs attention, our reliable contractors can take care of everything.

Outdoor Tree & Junk Removal

Apart from breaking windows, falling trees limbs and other debris can make a really big mess in your yard! Save yourself the trouble of cleaning it up by hiring WKPS. Our junk removal service will gather and remove fallen limbs, trash, and debris so you don't have to.

Other Services

Need a service you don't see here? No problem, these are just some of the most common services our storm damage cleanup contractors handle across Connecticut. Whatever you need, White & Katzman is the team to call. Also offering: Electrical work, plumbing, interior painting services, interior remodeling, carpentry, exterior siding replacement, and more.

Contact WKPS for Storm Damage Cleanup and Restoration
24/7 Emergency Service Available