A fireplace in a Connecticut home.

There’s nothing finer than a cold evening spent sitting by a warm fire - especially not during Connecticut’s harsh winters. But like any privilege, owning a fireplace has its share of responsibility. Fireplaces and chimneys require regular cleaning and maintenance both for your comfort and safety.

Neglecting your chimney’s routine cleaning and maintenance can cause fires that damage the chimney or, worse, spread to the rest of your home. There are tens of thousands of chimney fires in the U.S. each year. Make sure your Connecticut home isn’t a statistic by using the chimney inspection and cleaning services offered by White & Katzman Property Services.

The trained chimney sweeps at WKPS are certified by the Chimney Safety Association of America, and can help you to make sure your fireplace and chimney are working at peak efficiency and safety.

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Chimney Services Offered by White & Katzman Property Services

Chimney Inspections

Chimney service begins with a chimney inspection. The most common form of inspection, designated Level 1 by the Chimney Safety Institute of America, is recommended for chimneys which are used regularly and show no obvious signs of damage or obstruction. A trained inspector first inspects all readily available portions of your chimney’s interior and exterior. The overall condition of your chimney will be reviewed, as well as clearance to combustible like fireplace embers. Obstructions are diagnosed, and the nature and volume of combustible deposits (soot, or creosote) are assessed.

Once the overall condition of your chimney has been established, the appropriate level of cleaning and maintenance can be recommended and performed. Routine chimney cleaning is necessary when soot buildup has reached about 1/8" (typically every year or two depending on frequency of use).

More thorough levels of inspection may be necessary in cases where a malfunction is apparent, when a home is being bought or sold, or coinciding with the installation of a new flue liner or heating appliance. Consult with the experts at White & Katzman Property Services to know which level of inspection of appropriate for you.

Chimney Sweep Services

In addition to chimney inspections, White & Katzman Property Services offers full chimney cleaning and chimney sweep services.

Chimney cleaning involves the removal of combustible debris like soot or creosote from the chimney lining using wire or polypropylene brushes, depending on whether the chimney is made from masonry or metal. Our CSIA-certified chimney sweeps will either use either the top-down method, inserting the brush through the flue’s opening on the roof, or the bottom-up method, going through the the home’s interior. In the case of bottom-up cleaning, every care is taken to ensure your home’s cleanliness.

The chimney’s damper will also be cleaned and tested to ensure proper airflow and ventilation. The final goal of our chimney cleaning services is the removal of debris that restricts airflow and increases the risk of fire, and the assurance that the chimney will work properly for many uses to come.

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