Dryer Vent Cleaning Services 

Washing Machine IconDryer vent cleaning is a job that's far too often neglected. Dryer vents clogged with dust and lint can cause more than just poor dryer performance - they can lead to fires. According to the National Fire Prevention Association, failure to properly clean and maintain dryer vents are responsible for nearly 1 in 22 house fires in the country, around 15,000 per year. Keeping your dryer vents clean is serious business. 

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When Should You Have Your Dryer Vents Cleaned? 

How do you know if you should get your dryer vents cleaned? Look for the following telltale signs: 

  • Your dryer takes longer to dry a load of laundry than it used to, often two or more cycles
  • Your energy bills have begun to creep up
  • Clothes have a musty odor after being dryed
  • Your lint trap is accumulating more lint, more quickly than usual
  • Clothes are  noticably hotter to the touch than normal after drying
  • There are visible trails of lint on the vents outside exhaust

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If these sound familiar or it's been longer than a year since your dryer vents have been cleaned, you're probably past due for a cleaning. Get in touch with White & Katzman Property Services to schedule an appointment

Our trained, professional HVAC technicians will make sure that your dryer vents are as clean as the day they were installed, free of dust, lint, and other harmful accumulations. 

If you need dryer vent cleaning or other HVAC cleaning services for your Connecticut home, contact White & Katzman Property Services by calling (860) 610-0160 or using this online form to make an appointment today.