Aging in Place Services CT

Connecticut Aging in Place Remodeling Services from WKPS

WKPS offers a number of home modifications for aging in place that can help Connecticut residents stay in their homes for as long as they wish, including the following.

Ramps & Railings

Stairs are a significant obstacle for many people with knee or hip problems, or those who rely on mobility devices to get around. WKPS installs interior and exterior ramps to make getting into and around the home more manageable.

Railings and handrails can also be installed in hallways and other areas to provide stability for those with mobility issues.

Bathroom Remodeling

The bathroom can be one of the most dangerous rooms in the house, especially for seniors. The majority of falls that occur in the house happen in the bathroom. But steps can be taken to mitigate this threat. Curbless showers, bathroom benches, and grab bars can make entering, exiting, and using the shower easier; heightened toilets and vanities can be installed to reduce the strain of sitting, standing, and stooping; specialty flooring can be installed to reduce the risk of slipping.

Kitchen Remodeling

Cooking and eating are crucial for independent living, but many standard kitchen can be difficult to navigate. Simple renovations can alleviate these difficulties. Lowered countertops, pull-out cabinetry, lever or touchless faucets, wall-mounted ovens and microwaves, and more can all make using and navigating the kitchen much more manageable.

Other Aging in Place Services

Depending on each individual home and the needs of its occupants, other renovations may be needed or desired. Whatever your needs, White & Katzman Property Services can help. Get in touch to learn more by calling (860) 610-0160 or using our easy online form

Why Aging in Place Remodeling? 

Growing older brings with it many challenges, and with them many questions. One of the most significant, and often most difficult to face, is the question of whether or not one’s self or a loved one will be able to continue living in their own home. Things that were barely noticed in years past can become significant challenges in old age: stairs, narrow doorways, routine household maintenance, even using the restroom.

These mounting challenges often lead people and their families to make the difficult decision to sell a beloved family home and make the move to an assisted living facility or retirement home. This, of course, can be difficult for seniors who may have lived in their homes for decades, but it can also be a significant financial burden for families. The same is often true of in-home care.

Luckily, the choice isn’t just between assisted living and an unsafe home. Aging in place remodeling, services like those offered by White & Katzman Property Services throughout Connecticut, can let seniors continue to live in their beloved homes for longer. This is good for them, good for their communities, and good for their families.