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If you need a drywall contractor in Connecticut, you’ve got an important decision ahead of you. Drywall repair and installation are difficult jobs, and with the wrong contractor you could end up with shoddy work that ends up costing you more than you bargained for in the long run.

White & Katzman Property Services provides expert drywall services from an experienced team of fully licensed and insured professionals, with satisfaction guaranteed. 

Whether you’re a homeowner who needs routine drywall repair or maintenance, a contractor outsourcing drywall work for a new construction project, or anything in between, White & Katzman Property Services has the team to call. Get in touch to learn more

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Why You Should Hire a Drywall Contractor

Drywall work is often something that do-it-yourselfers think can be handled by the average handyman in a weekend. While DIY drywall repairs aren’t impossible, most experts wouldn’t advise them. Drywall is trickier than it seems—one of those projects which can be easy to get done, but are always difficult to do well. 

Even a simple drywall job consists of measuring, cutting, shaping, and hanging slabs of pressed gypsum. Once all that’s done, seams need to be taped, sealed, coated, and sanded so that they’re invisible once painted over. Done right, each wall will be a single smooth surface. 

More than all that, drywall jobs often involve considerations like electrical wiring, plumbing, demolition of old drywall, and more. 

All things considered, an experienced and versatile team like the one at White & Katzman Property Services will provide the skills and know-how necessary to know what to do and how to do it right the first time, every time. That’s something no do-it-yourselfer or run-of-the-mill handyman can promise. 

Drywall Repairs & Finishing 

Drywall is an extremely robust material, but like anything else it can be damaged or worn out. Common causes of drywall problems include the following: 

  • Holes from doorknobs, fists, or other blunt force
  • Moisture damage from leaking water or humidity
  • Rodent or vermin damage
  • Holes from hanging pictures or anchors
  • Cracks from a home’s foundation settling
  • Simple routine wear and tear

Whatever your drywall repair needs are, White & Katzman Property Services offers quick, reliable service that you can count on, from routine maintenance to severe damage repair. 

Drywall Installations

Working on a new construction or home addition? Drywall offers many benefits that plaster, plywood, and other materials can’t: 

  • Relatively low cost and easy maintenance with routine upkeep
  • Fire resistance
  • Energy efficiency 
  • Smooth, attractive appearance
  • And more

Of course, all of this depends on proper installation in the first place. WKPS can help with drywall installation and numerous other services for your construction project. Get in touch to learn more. 

Drywall Ceilings

Repair and installation of drywall ceilings pose all the same challenges as those for walls, but with the added difficulty provided by gravity. In addition to wall repairs, White & Katzman Property Services can help with drywall ceiling repairs and installations. 

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