Painting an interior wall.

White & Katzman Property Services provides interior painting services across Connecticut, offering homeowners years of experience from an expert staff of professional painting contractors. If you’re looking for the best interior painters in Connecticut, look no further than White & Katzman.

Why White & Katzman Property Services?

If you’re thinking about painting one or more rooms of your house, you’ve got a lot of decisions to make. Color, design, and other aesthetic choices are the most obvious, but there are also practical matters to consider as well. Namely, who’s going to do the actual painting? While you may be tempted to try doing the work yourself, it’s a bigger job than it seems at first glance. That’s why you need the experienced professionals at White & Katzman Property Services.

While other painting contractors might take shortcuts and try to get the job done with a minimum of time and effort, White & Katzman Property Services’ team of professional home painting contractors take pride in work that’s meticulous and unparalleled in quality.

Interior painting equipment. What sets White & Katzman apart from the competition? It starts with our thorough prep work. Our experienced experts take care to properly prepare your walls for painting. That means smoothing out imperfections, addressing spots and stains, removing old paint or wallpaper if needed, and more. It also means laying down drop sheets, removing doorknobs, fixtures, and other hardware, and protecting furniture to ensure that not a single drop of paint is misplaced.

Once the prep is complete, our painters use the best tools and techniques to ensure the finest finished product possible. From walls and ceilings to doors, trim, railings, stairways, baseboards, and more, we work hard to make sure the final result will be as beautiful as possible.

Finally, we take care of clean-up so you don’t have to, removing painter’s tape, reinstalling fixtures, taking care of tools and leftover paint, and leaving your home as clean and tidy as we found it. And while we don’t cut corners, you can be sure that we’ll get the job done as quickly as possible, so you can start enjoying your home’s newly improved interior.

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If you’re a Connecticut homeowner who needs interior painting services, contact White & Katzman Property Services today. A BBB Accredited home improvement contractor with an A+ rating, we offer interior painting services, commercial painting, trim work, refinishing, and more. Get in touch by calling (860) 291-8777 or request service using this online form.