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Almost nothing adds as much warmth and character to a home than a skylight. Any room of the house is improved by the light and ambiance provided by an overhead skylight. If you’ve decided to add one or more skylights to your Connecticut home, congratulations—it’s a decision you’ll glad you’ve made for years to come. 

But installing a skylight is no simple job, and finding the right contractor for your skylight installation project is crucial. 

If you’re in Connecticut, White & Katzman Property Services offers the kind of trustworthy, reliable skylight installation services that you can count on. No matter what the job, WKPS has the team you need to get the job done right the first time, every time. Get in touch to learn more

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The Benefits of Adding a Skylight to Your Connecticut Home

Installing one or more skylights in your home offers more than just ambiance. There are plenty of practical benefits of skylights as well, such as the following: 

Skylights Are Energy Efficient

During Connecticut’s cold New England winters, the natural sun let in by a skylight will provide warmth as well as light, reducing home heating bills in the process. In the summer, vented skylights can be opened to ventilate your home and lessen your reliance on expensive electric air conditioning. 

Of course, the added light will also lessen your home’s reliance on artificial light, providing additional energy benefits regardless of season. 

Skylights Are Good for Privacy

There’s a reason skylights are especially popular in the bathroom: they allow for maximum natural light without exposing the room’s interior to neighbors and passersby. If you value your privacy, you’ll love your skylight. 

Skylights Can Increase Curb Appeal

In addition to these benefits and more, skylights are simply perceived by many as being sophisticated, modern features of any home. This could mean increased curb appeal and a positive impact on your home’s resale value if you ever decide to put it on the market. 

Extra Considerations for Skylight Installation

If you’re deciding on a skylight for your home, there are many things to consider when determining what size skylight is best, as well as what area of your home can accommodate it. Here are a few of them: 

  • Is there attic space between the roof and ceiling? If so, a chase (framed tunnel to channel sunlight) will likely be necessary. 
  • Is there HVAC, plumbing, or wiring interfering with the desired skylight location? If so, they will need to be re-routed or a new location decided on. 
  • What kind of roof does your home have? Most skylight hardware is designed with asphalt in mind; slate, metal, tile, cedar, or other materials may add to the cost of the project. 
  • What kind of skylight do you want? Fixed skylights are the most basic kind, but modern manufacturers offer vented skylights that open manually or with electric controls, as well as those with built-in blinds to control the amount of light let in. 

No matter what your project’s specifics, White & Katzman Property Services can offer the expertise to plan your project right, and the quality service you need to get it done right. 

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