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When it comes to adding stylish, distinctive architectural accents to your home's interior, there's nothing quite like custom wainscoting. Paneled wainscots add texture, dimension, and a timeless visual appeal to any room or walkway.

While DIY wainscoting might be tempting for many homeowners, it's a difficult job that requires the skilled hand of a skilled carpenter. If you're interested in new wainscoting or custom wall paneling in Connecticut, contact White & Katzman Property Services today. 

WKPS's expert carpenters provide the best quality of work with peerless service and convenience. Get in touch today to learn more! 

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Wainscoting Installation Services

Wainscoting installation is an exacting craft. With WKPS, you can be sure that our craftsmen are a hundred percent up to the task. 

Our carpenters begin by taking exact measurements and laying out the walls to ensure even, level placement of the wall paneling, chair rails, and molding. 

From there, you can be certain that every step of the process is completed with the utmost precision and care. From the installation of stiles, bottom rails, aprons and more to final cleanup, you can be confident that WKPS will do the job the way it was meant to be done. 

Wainscoting and Wall Paneling Repairs

Already have wainscoting in your home? Has it been damaged from routine wear and tear, bumps, scrapes, or other impacts? Don't worry! Spare yourself the trouble of a DIY job and let WKPS make the repairs you need. 

Other Services 

WKPS's homeowner services don't stop with wainscoting installation and repairs. We can also help with crown molding, drywall installation, interior painting, and much more. We simplify your life. 

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Image Source: Brian Moloney via Flickr/Creative Commons