Tolland, Connecticut is a great place to own a home and raise a family. If you're a homeowner in Tolland, you know how your important your house is to you. It's not just your home, but most likely your biggest single investment.

Protect your greatest asset (and more importantly, the priceless people who live inside) by taking advantage of the expert home improvement and general contractor services available from White & Katzman Property Services.

With decades of history in Connecticut, East Hartford-based WKPS serves homeowners across Tolland, Hartford, and Middlesex counties. No matter what you need, WKPS can handle it.

We simplify your life.

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Interior & Exterior Services

While some contractors focus on jobs inside our outside of the house, White & Katzman Property Services doesn't play favorites.

Interior Services from WKPS

Interior services from WKPS include the following:

Exterior Services from WKPS

Exterior services from WKPS include the following:

More Information About Tolland, CT

A cozy New England hamlet of around 15,000 people, Tolland represents some of the best that small town Connecticut has to offer. With a history dating back to the early 18th century, Tolland is now a close-knit bedroom community of families and relics from a long colonial history. There are lots of great reasons to love living in Tolland—and gorgeous, vintage housing stock is near the top of the list. Treat your Tolland home as well as it should be with maintenance and repairs by WKPS.

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